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WNC photographer Dave Allen captures award winning fine art photography that showcases the beauty of western North Carolina and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.

Smoky Mountain Morning

Visit Dave's online photography site: Dave Allen Photography

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About Us

This site was started by award winning WNC photographer Dave Allen as a way to keep "B" images from going to waste. As a photographer, you eventually end up with a huge cache of pictures that nobody ever gets to see because they didn't quite make it into the portfolio. These images just sit around without being seen, even though many people may enjoy seeing them.

That got us thinking, why not offer these pictures for free to the public to use and enjoy on their computer screens. People get to enjoy the photographer's extra images, and the photographers get some exposure out of otherwise unseen photos in their collections.

Get Your Photography Seen!

We will be happy to include any of your quality photography, as long as it meets our resolution and quality standards. Images must be cropped into a 4:3 ratio and must be 1280x960 pixels or bigger (1600x1200 is perfect).

Photos with excessive noise, poor focus, and other serious technical issues will not be included in the gallery.

If you have photos that you would like to offer here for the use of our visitors, feel free to contact us about submitting them.

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